Autumn has begun In Beijing

Autumn has most definitely started here in Beijing. It has been chilly the last few days both outside and inside. Apparently, our supposedly international and luxurious hotel/community follows the old-fashioned inflexible Chinese rule of not turning on the heat until a specific date, the specific weather be damned. So I am sitting here, fully dressed, with bathrobe and all, trying to write in 16 degrees Celsius, which is not really easy.

Today, for the first time since arriving, I took out my winter jacket and hat. I guess it is time to pack my summer clothes into a box and send them back to New Haven. Just last Wednesday, I was sitting outside my classroom reading in pleasant temperatures before class. This week, I read inside.

Postat av: Anonym

En fantastisk jid! Jag gillar verkligen den här extra mycket! :)

2010-10-21 @ 07:58:48
Postat av: h-ej

Präktig basker, -7 i norr

2010-10-21 @ 09:39:22

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