Monday: work day after a slightly troubled weekend

So I mostly stayed at home, and partially in bed Sunday, for I came down with a cold. I was very hoarse and coughed a lot. Wonderful Ningping got me some cough syrup and some Chinese pills that I do not know what they are, or what they are supposed to do specifially. I felt much better after a long nap in the afternoon. Then I, for once, took a sleeping pill for the night, went to bed early, slept for ten hours and woke up feeling almost entirely recuperated. So today I have gone in to the office as usual.

Xiaojie was not at the office today, for she was at the airport meeting the Yale students who are arriving today to join the program. I have been preparing all day. I had a lunch meeting with one of my two teaching assistants, Qianyi, who will help me with the Eurasian Encounters course. She speaks really good English, seems really smart and enthusiastic, so I think we will have a good experience teaching this course together. She gave me a book, Chinese
Characteristics, by Arthur H. Smith. He was an American missionary (from Connecticut!) who lived for more than 50 years in Shandong province. The book seems great, and I look forward to reading it!

It is time to start thinking about packing for our excursion to Xinjian starting Wednesday. I will have to leave home at about 6 to get to the bus that takes us to the airport for a flight to Western China. Fortunately, Ningping lives across the hallway from me, so we can walk together. We'll stay there until Monday of next week. This will be very exciting!

And that will surely produce some pictures. I am sorry that there has been so few pictures the last few days. I have mostly been working, so not much of interest to photograph.

Postat av: h-ej

Låter bra med utflykt å amerikastudenter. Jag har vart rosslig i rören hela 10 dar.

2010-08-30 @ 15:36:02

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