Work and a cough

I have not written much in the blog the last two days. There is not much to report. I have mainly been working, plus I have got a slight cough. Nothing much to worry about; in fact I am surprised how healthy I have been since I came to China. Flying in airplanes and starting to live in a new place usually means being sick, as the body gets used to the new fauna of bacteria and virus. But I have been perfectly healthy since I arrived, except for this slight cough.

I am working in parallel on two things: getting ready for the start of the semester and my book. Both are fun, but both are realy work. In my office, I am now done with getting the computer there set up so that I can easily use it (no viruses, my accoustomed email program, etc.). At home I am working on the book. My wonderful editor has suggested changes and written comments in the margins of a printout of the manuscript. So I am going through page after page. Most of the changes are so obviously good that I only need to put them into the computer version of the manuscript. Sometimes she asks me to reformulate something, and that takes me some more time and effort. But it is fun to see the book take shape.

Postat av: Anonym

Krya på dig! :)

2010-08-24 @ 16:39:53

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