Arrived in Taiwan

I have arrived in Taiwan. I was met at the airport by a graduate student, who put us (a professor from PKU was on the same flight) in a taxi. This took us to the railway station, where we waited for colleagues from Korea. When everyone was there we took the train from Taiyuan to Chiayi. This was the new bullet train of Taiwan, which goes in an absolutely straight line. The highest speed announced was 290 km/h. And the ride was smoother than just about any train ride I have been on. Very impressive.l

Amazing staff at the conference. Amazing campus; this is a relatively new university, only 21 years old (this weekend, as a matter of fact!). Very spacious and nice hotel room. Cocktail party and then dinner, from which the picture below comes.

Postat av: Anonym

Det låter spännande alltsammans! Fin bild och lycka till med föredraget!

2010-10-29 @ 10:32:46

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