Beijing Zoo

We visited Beijing Zoo on Friday. A great day with a lot of animals. The kids had a lot of fun, to the degree that the grown-ups became exhausted. But it was fun to see so many animals. Most exciting was of course the giant pandas. None of us had seen any pandas in real life before.

Elsa asked particularly to see elephants. She got her wish.

She also wanted to see rhinoceri (or should that be rhinokeroi?).

The tigers and lions were in cages, like in old-fashioned zoos.

The kids were fascinated by the hippopotamus.

Beijing Zoo is also an oldfashioned zoo in that they really try to have almost every kind of (big) animal. So we saw a lot of animals, and a lot that we did not photograph.

A nice feature in the zoo was a lot of sculptures of animals that kids liked to play on. Note the giraffes in the background!

As always, Elsa (in particular) attracted a lot of attention, and many asked to photograph her. Today she was sometimes tired of being photographed and said that she did not want to.

Some parts of the zoo is rather worn, while others are very pleasant, like this oasis behind the giraffes. It was not at all too crowded, despite it still being the National Day holiday, but we felt that we could move as we liked in peace and relative quiet. Recommended!

Postat av: Anonym

Så otroligt många fina bilder! Riktigt imponerande. Elefantbilden är så fin. Söta bilder på barnen och deras farmor!

2010-10-08 @ 16:52:47
Postat av: h-ej

Hyvä. Här har vi börjat mata vildfåglarna.

2010-10-09 @ 07:43:32

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