Chinese tutoring

Since the semester started, I have continued my lessons in Chinese (every Thursday), now with a new teacher, Ms. Cui. She is very good and very patient.

This is how ruffled I look after two hours of Chinese. We have the lessons in my university office.

I am very happy for the little Chinese that I have both learnt and managed to remember (I have learnt and forgotten a lot). If one keeps out of the expat and tourist ghettos, people like restaurant waiters, shop keepers, and subway cashiers know very little English, if any, and I would have had considerable difficulties had I not been able to order food or ask for the wonderful xiao bin (like flat pirogues with boiled cabbage inside) at the minuscular local bakery.

Postat av: Anonym

Jättefin jid och kul att se din lärare! Vad duktig du är som lär dig så mycket kinesiska!

2010-10-18 @ 00:09:20

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