Down jackets on last whole day in Beijing

On Saturday, we went to the local market to visit our tailors, who have made down jackets for all the Swedes (I got mine a week ago). This is how handsome they all were.

Hjalmar also got a jacket, but I did not manage to snap a photo.

They wanted to photograph Elsa together with the seamstress who apparently had made her jacket.

All the while, we had an audience in the market, who were commenting on how pretty both kids are. I guess it was a spectacle to watch large Scandinavians get down jackets at the local market, where one really does not see many, if any, Westerners.

Postat av: h-ej

Toppenjackor på toppenresliga furor.

2010-10-09 @ 15:19:48
Postat av: Anonym

Snygga jackor! :-) Söta bilder!

2010-10-09 @ 19:41:04

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