Excursion on Peking University campus

On Saturday, we made an excursion on Peking University Campus. There were a lot of people there, who paid to get in, for this is a famous campus. With my professorial ID card, we were able to cut the line and get in for free (after I explained in Chinese that they are my children and my aged mother). We had a very pleasant walk in the most beautiful places on campus.

Hjalmar and Elsa by the Weiming Lake. Note the marble boat on the other shore.

Hjalmar and Elsa fed old bread to the fish from a bridge close to the West gate of campus.

A pillar from the emperor's old summer palace.

And a statue of Cervantes.

As always, people wanted to photograph the children together with their own children. Elsa is happy to model, while Hjalmar thinks it is "boring."


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