Shopping Tuesday

Today we set out to find someone who could repair Hjalmar's Nintendo DS. The touch screen no longer works very well, so he has to borrow his sister's DS when he wants to play a game that requires the touch screen. We found two very pleasant young gentlemen in an electronic mall, who could help us with this. They also sold us a portable DVD player (for the kids), a UV filter (for my camera), various things for my mother, and a new stylus for Hjalmar's DS. The kids had fun, especially Elsa who played with one of the staff persons.

On our way to the store there were a lot of people.

Hjalmar and his beloved Nintendo DS. Now it has been fixed with a new touch screen.

Hjalmar really liked trying out a Nintendo Wii for too short a time.

Postat av: Anonym

Hjalmar och hans spel! :)))

2010-10-07 @ 17:36:28

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