Hjalmar, Elsa, and my mother in Beijing!

The kids arrived with their grand-mother in good order today to Capital Airport in Beijing, and I was there to pick them up. We went in two taxis home, went out and had lunch, and then the travelers got to rest while I taught my last class before our National Day holiday (lasting eight days!).

In the late afternoon, we walked to the university campus, where there was an international event. International students had set up booths for their own countries. We met some Swedish students, who had put up a Swedish booth (complete with portraits of the Crown Princess, Northern lights, and Drottningholms castle). I was curious about the North Korean booth, at a safe distance from South Korea!

Hjalmar and Elsa enjoyed the posters in the Swedish booth, to the degree that Hjalmar photographed them.

But what really was interesting was how fascinated people were by the children, perhaps especially Elsa. People are apparently not used to anyone that light-colored, and many, many came forward to tell her how beautiful she is (in Chinese and English!). Many, many wanted to photograph both of the kids as well. But they are, of course, very beautiful.

I lent Hjalmar my small camera, and he enjoyed taking a lot of photos.

In the evening, we went to a very good restaurant with Hanzhou food (where my friend, Professor Peng brought me to dinner a few weeks ago). We had a very good meal; the pork and the noodle soup attracted us especially. The same thing happened here: the waitresses (and an occasional waiter) really liked Elsa. At one point we counted nine waitresses who looked at her. Most of them came forward to tell us how beautiful she is. One of them took a special liking to Elsa, spoke a lot with her (this waitress spoke no English at all).

There are different ranks of waitresses at the restaurant, and some of them wore tiaras. She lent it to Elsa, who was absolutely delighted.

In Hjalmar's camera I found this picture of us dining.

And a very good portrait of his grand-mother.

Hjalmar is a very good photographer.

He was also interested in the décor of the restaurant. Especially two large statues.

Postat av: h-ej

Heja Elsa , hjalmar & Eva ni är jättebra på kort.

2010-09-29 @ 16:05:46
Postat av: patrik

Fint att ni har landat hos Anders och fått er lite god mat!

Väldigt många fina kort, speciellt Hjalmars :)

Kram Patrik

2010-09-30 @ 09:44:42

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