My rug from Ürümqi

I bought a small rug at the bazar in Ürümqi. There was a very sweet saleswoman who made a great, but understated show off being shocked at the meagre price I offered for the rug. Of course, I paid far too much for it, but I really like it. It is woven of silk thread. The saleswoman assured me that it was handmade, which is hard to believe, except that I think I actually see some irregularities on its back. Of course, those could have been made on purpose. The main thing is that I like it. It is incredibly soft. I have it next to my bed, and it will work very well in my bedroom in New Haven.

Postat av: Anonym

Å, den är ju jättefin! Ser lyxig ut!

2010-09-11 @ 00:18:22

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