Pleasant midday break at Weiminghu

I went to the student dining hall early today to have lunch. Since all students have their lunch break from 12 to 1, the place is enormously crowded between 12 and 12.20. When I came at 11.30, there wasn't even a line, so I could peacefully decide which course I wanted. A nice combo of chicken thigh, green beans, and rice för 7 RMB. That is about 1 dollar, and it was very good. Better value for money than anything you could get in New Haven, obviously, and not to mention Sweden.

Afterwards I went to the bursar's office to fill up my meal card with money. I had prepared a sentence to say, but as so often in China, there is no unnecessary small talk, or any talk at all. Simply a line of students with their cards and money in the hands. At the front of the line, one gives the money to the cashier, puts the card into a machine, takes it out and walks away. Without a single word being uttered by anyone.

Afterwards, I walked down to the lake that is in the middle of the PKU campus. I had luck, for two persons got up from a bench by the water just before I arrived, so I got a seat. I had printed out pages from Alcuins letters from the Monumenta Germaniae Historica website, so I sat there in the very pleasant shade, by the water reading Alcuin  in telling the king of Northumbria that the reason for the Vikings' sudden arrival probably was the poor moral state of people in his kingdom, so the king should get them to improve and start with himself. All while I was sipping of a cup of coffee. (Yes, one of my Chinese students on Monday pointed out an American-style café called Paradiso, close to the university library, so now I go there and get a small cup of coffee for 5 RMB when I feel the urge). That was just about perfect, especially since I had some Carrefour dark chocolate to nibble on.

This photo is taken from the bench, so the view is exactly the one I had while reading.

Postat av: Anonym

Otroligt fin jid!

2010-09-23 @ 17:31:45
Postat av: Stuart

You must tell me where this café is! (And isn't Carrefour chocolate quite good?)

2010-09-23 @ 19:20:35
Postat av: JW

Very pretty lake.

2010-09-24 @ 03:31:33

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