Voting and "Journey to the West"

Today I took my passport and the subway to the Swedish Embassy on the other side of town. I voted in the Swedish parliamentary elections. It was all very fast and relaxed, and I spoke to a nice Swedish woman who took my vote, putting it in an envelope for its onward journey to Stockholm.

Since I anyway was in the embassy and expatriote section of Beijing, I walked over to a shopping centre called Lufthansa, which had been recommended me. They had the usual selection of expensive western stuff, jackets from Hugo Boss and so forth. So I did not buy much, but I found a nice bookstore with foreign books hidden in a corner of the fourth floor. There I bought a set of our volumes of the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West from the sixteenth century. I have had to return the Dream of Red Mansions to the Program library since the semester now has started and students need to have access to the books.

The translation was published by the Foreign Languages Press in Beijing and the four volumes cost only 95 Yuan. The picture is from their website.

Alas, my cold seems to have restarted today. I hope to get better for tomorrow's excursion to two Beijing museums.

Postat av: Eva Winroth

Beträffande jackan så glömde du nog att pruta vilket är ett måste i Kina.

2010-09-09 @ 22:34:54

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