Work in the University library

Today I worked both before and after my class (10.10-12.00) in the University library of PKU. It is housed in a beautiful building at the center of campus. As is appropriate, since the library is one of the most central institutions in a university.

It is a great library. But it has some oddities, such as strange opening hours: Closed all of the National Day holiday, which is coming up on Friday and one week afterwards, strange lunch closings of some departments for an hour and a half every day. One would think with PKU's ambition to raise in the rankings of the world's universities that the powers that be would be a little more concerned about getting the library to operate as a first-rate modern library.

The collection of books in medieval history is a respectable one, at least as long as one stays with good books in English (and Chinese, I suppose, but I have very little competence to pass judgment on that). There is a selection of good books in other languages as well, but much fewer than English. Here is a glimpse of some medieval shelves. One recognizes (in burgundy) four very well used volumes of the New Cambridge Medieval History.

After my class, I had lunch with one of my students in the student dining hall, and she took this picture of me. The dining hall serves great food at amazing prices. And everything is made from skratch, not from prefabricated stuff as at Yale.

Postat av: Anonym

Fint bibliotek och elegant jid! :)

2010-09-27 @ 23:15:08
Postat av: Eva Winroth

Jag hoppas din bok fanns på biblan

2010-09-28 @ 08:38:48
Postat av: Anders

Min bok finns och är till och med utlånad!

2010-09-28 @ 09:25:11

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